Day 1

Well, the plan is to do this ‘2 shakes and Chicken Salad Diet’ for 2 weeks.

But I’m going to tweek it a bit, because the protein shakes I like, we bought from Costco and no longer have a membership there.. so we have to conserve. ¬†Also.. 2 shakes a day would be to hard. This girl likes to chew her food!

Day 1:

Breakfast : 2 scrambled eggs (I used spray pam, and added water instead of milk to the eggs) I enjoyed my eggs with 1 tsp of Ketchup

Lunch: 1 protein shake – mine has 24g of protein, but hey that’s the best I can do.

Dinner: 2 Chicken thighs(skinless/boneless) in approx. 3 cups mixed lettuce and 1 tbsp of Renee’s Cesar Salad Dressing.


Yes I know the dressing is bad, but damnit if I’m gonna eat salad’s everyday for two weeks I’m gonna flavour it with something good.

I’m sure it won’t hold me back from seeing results toooo much.


Here are my stats:


Weigh =150lbs

Age= 27

Chest: 38inches

Waist= 31 inches

Hips= 41inches


~ I’d like to say I’m a chubby hourglass.. but maybe I’m more of a rectangle..

who knows.




— Going to eat dinner now! So far so good.. but I had a long distracting day of fighting with my ex, so I’m sure that helped with not noticing any hunger pains, or mindless eating.

ahhhh…. stress.


The Begining


Today marks my two week deadline for a trip planned with my two best friends to go to Mexico!

Also, I just broke up with my boyfriend. So needless to say, this trip couldn’t come any sooner. To make matters worse, I’m still living with the ex, because I’m a full time student and can’t afford to live solo. I moved to a city on the other side of the country and have pretty well zero friends and family. It’s tough. But it doesnt’ stop me from wanting to achieve a better body. Ohhhh no… nothing will stop that dream. It’s been going hard for a few years now. (never mind that fact that I haven’t lost a single pound). You see, I’m really good at working out for a few days/weeks in a row, and then completely dropping off the face of the earth and hanging out with my couch like I haven’t seen it in years, and there’s so much stuff to catch up on.

I’m also a chocoholic.

So the plan:

I found a page on Facebook by a guy named Rusty he has a website called Fitness Black Book

he seems to know his stuff, and the plan is super simple. Its called the 2 shakes and Chicken Salad Diet.

See.. I told ya it was simple. Check it out right here…>>


For those that are too lazy to click the link, I’ll give ya the gust ..

1 meal replacement shake for breakfast  (should have 30-40g protein)

1 meal replacement shake for lunch (should have 30-40g protein)

1 chicken salad for dinner.

That’s it.

If your hungry have an apple. If your STILL hungry, eat some cottage cheese.

That’s it! – He said to try and do it for 2 weeks. Most ppl only last 5-7 days and don’t go over 3 weeks because it’s just way to restrictive and that’s unhealthy!


If you try it out, leave a comment below